KR1S QRP Portable, I

February 25, 2008

Some photos I took while operating portable near home. I combined the trip with a monitoring visit to a Bald Eagle nest. I monitor the nest in coordination with my local Audubon Society chapter.

KR1S QRP Portable, and Eagle Watch

I installed 3.7-V Li-Ion cells in my KX1. On 20 M it puts out about 3.8 W. I like not having to tote an external battery to get close to maximum power.

The sun was so hot it became uncomfortable to hold the radio, but its performance wasn't affected by the heat.

I'm wearing rubber boots because I had to wade through a marsh to get to the site.

KR1S QRP Portable, and Eagle Watch

My tripod is made of non-conducting composite material, and made a convenient antenna anchor.

KR1S QRP Portable, and Eagle Watch

The whole rig fits in this fanny pack. I was using a random-length wire this day, but I do better with resonant antennas, like ground planes and inverted vees.

KR1S QRP Portable, and Eagle Watch

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